Submission Standards

Letters to the Editor


We welcome letters to the editor from our readers expressing your viewpoints on local concerns and issues.

In keeping with our policy, only letters which are signed (a typewritten name does not constitute a signature) will be published in the I-O.

The writer's phone number and address MUST be submitted with the letter for verification, but will not be printed.

The I-O reserves the right to edit letters for length, clarity, grammar or factual information.

If we feel a letter attacks an individual or entity, we may let them view the letter to respond in the same issue.



We gladly accept online submissions of photographs. To insure the highest quality reproduction we request the following standards.


  1. Resolution must be at lease 200 dpi at reproduction size. A chart of widths is included below on this page.

  2. We prefer to work from the original camera file or scan. Your modifications to the file may look good on your screen or printer, however, for reproduction in a newspaper setting are often different.

  3. If you wish to bring a print in that originated on a digital camera, make sure it is as big as possible. We prefer to have the unedited camera file as each generation adds to the degradation of image quality.

  4. We can not make a poor image good. If there is any question as to the reproducibility of an image please feel free to bring the original in to the Independent-Observer. In some cases, depending on workflow, we are able to scan your original and return it directly to you. In all cases original photographs remain the property of the owner unless otherwise agreed upon before reproduction. Photos that have been left for reproduction can be picked up at our office after publication.


These are our standard sizes.