At the last city council meeting wages of FY-14-15 were discussed and set.

The council looked at comparisons of Shelby and Cut Bank wages. 

Alderman Daniel Jones recommended a $.50 an hour across the board pay increase for all permanent employees only.

Mayor Wendy Judisch feels a season pay matrix may need to be looked into. The seasonal employee wages historically have not implemented until the state of the next season.

Alderman Drew Lesnik feels Cut Bank’s philosophy of raises based on evaluations is the best way. However, their Public works Department is a Union shop.

Shelby’s wages and matrix were discussed for comparison results. Alderman Karla Breding feels raises based only on evaluation could result in other problems.

Public Works Director Rich Anderson noted that his garbage truck driver makes the same as the Pool Manager. Mayor Judisch commented the pool staff needs to know CPR, AED, and have first Aide certifications. However, Anderson feels the responsibilities of the garbage truck driver are greater. He feels the city if falling behind on wages and a good attempt needs to be shown to express the council’s intent.

Lesnik feels the jobs and their grades need to be re-evaluated as some appear to be out of whack. He does not feel across the board pay increases are fair.

He offered a recommendation in different denominations for different employees.

Librarian Carolyn Donath feels that across the board raises do not inspire incentive for those employees that work hard.

Finance Office Agnes Fowler noted she would like to see the first two years of steps on the pay matrix broke out to yearly ones.

She also expressed concern as to the number of years until some employees steps resulted in a wage increase.

Mayor Judisch reiterated the reasoning behind the adoption of the original matrix, but noted it needed to be evaluated.

The council as a whole feels the pay matrix needs to stay intact at this time with evaluation of it through a committee following the budget process.

A motion of Alderman Jones and a second by Alderman Breding to give a $.50 per hour increase to all permanent employees only was made. This excludes seasonal and temporary employees as noted on the pay sheet. 

The motion passed on a vote of 3-1 with Alderman Lesnik casting a no vote.


Following is compensation of the top city employees before the new pay scale was voted on; Chief Gary Dent $68,515.20, PWD Anderson $67,845.20, Finance Officer Fowler $61,900.80, Librarian Carolyn Donath, $34,403.20, Mayor Judisch, $12,188.88, each councilman, Karla Breding, Daniel Jones, Drew Lesnik, and Ron Widhalm, $3,732.12.