Commissioners direct county attorney to pursue court action on Dupuyer mess

Once again the residents of Dupuyer had a contingent of constituents in to meet with the commissioners to see about getting an unsightly mess on the Main Street of town cleaned up.

On hand was Pondera County Sanitarian Corrine Rose, Bob and Ali Newkirk, Rita Christiaens, Dennis and Nancy Williams, and Lloyd and Shelly Walker.

Starting off the meeting was a public hearing to take input and make a decision as to abandoning an alley in Dupuyer.

All those attending were in favor of the request to abandon the alley on Block 14. There was no correspondence received either for or against the alley abandonment. Commissioner Janice Hoppes moved to abandon the alley. Commissioner Joe Christiaens gave a second, and the motion passed on a 2-0 vote.

After the public hearing was closed, the same group named above had a discussion with the commissioners regarding the debris from a fire in December of 2013 that destroyed Pierre’s Bar and Grill.

According to records, the owner, Peggy Utsler, has been given a number of deadlines from the county and the state to remove the eyesore and debris.

The Dupuyer residents say Utsler has not met any of the deadlines and continues to ignore the issue, and there have been no consequences for failure to meet the deadlines.

She has not met any of the deadlines and the unsightly mess, which is on the Main Street in town, is a deterrent for and to other businesses, says Ali Newkirk.

The residents in town feel the eyesore is a deterrent for and to other businesses as well as a health and safety issue for the community. The town residents have requested the county do whatever is possible to compel Utsler to clean up the property.

Christiaens noted that, “We’ve turned this over to the state and they turned it right back to us.” Rose stated, “I am frustrated that we haven’t been able to get this cleaned up.”

Ali Newkirk added, “She is two years in arrears in taxes. She needs to clean up that mess.” She asked the commissioners if they couldn’t make a motion for the effect.

Commissioner Sandra Broesder moved to direct the Pondera County Attorney to pursue court action against Peggy Utsler to compel action to mitigate the unattractive nuisance and health and safety hazards on the property of the former Pierre’s Bar and Grill.

Hoppes gave the motion a second and it passed on a 3-0 vote.

In other action by the commissioners, a tax abatement in the amount of $420.99 was approved,  and the regular meeting was to be kept open through Monday at noon in the event that fiscal year end business needed to be taken care of.

The sixth drawdown on the Community Development Block Grant for the Brady County Water and Sewer District in the amount of $117,274.13 was approved.

And, the second drawdown for the Montana Board of Investments Intercap Loan was approved for the Pondera Medical Center refinancing and equipment purchases, if needed to transfer funds from the loan payoff to equipment purchases.

The commissioners meet every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. in their office at the courthouse to conduct the county’s business.


The public is encouraged and invited to attend and see their government at work.